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Previous Spotlights

Wendy Cho

General Member

Major: Accounting 

Time in BAP: Joined Spring 2017

Graduation Date: Spring 2019

Fun Fact: Wendy used to be marching band back in high school.

Please welcome our member Wendy Cho!


Wendy is originally from Monterey Park, but recently moved to San Gabriel after she graduated from Mark Keppel High School. During her senior, she took an Accounting class, which motivated her to go into the accounting field.  Her Accounting teacher, Mrs.Baca, was the person who inspired her to go into accounting. However she doesn't know if her teacher remembers her since Wendy was shy back then. After high school, she chose to go to CSULA since it very close by and it was beneficial for her financially.


Some of Wendy's main goals aside from developing her career and being successful are to help others in need. An example would be to help the elderly or the homeless whenever she has a chance. She is also getting into air soft, so if anyone is interested, contact her. 

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