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Spring 2017 Board

Executive Officers


Carolina Cheng - Preisdent
Matthew Phuong - Internal Vice President
Emily Wong - External Vice President


Justin Chow



Jacob Diaz

Internal Vice President


William Sun

External Vice President

Allen Cheng - Treasurer


Kelsey Wong


Bryan Seo - Secretary


Edgar Granados


Directors and Coordinators

Andres Cheng - Director of Student Outreach


Selina Morales

Director of Student Outreach


Paul Ellis - Director of Professional Development


Darren Yen

Director of Professional Development


Angela Park - Marketing Director


Johnny Huynh

Marketing Director



Justin Chow - Awards Ceremony Coordinator


Shirley Ho

Awards Ceremony Coordinator


Gordon Truong - Fundraising Coordinator


Calvin Khuat

Fundraising Coordinator



William Sun - Activities Coordinator


David Dang

Activities Coordinator



Cristina Martinez - Meet the Firms Coordinator


Juan Carrillo

Awards Ceremony Coordinator

Student Advisor

Ke Liu - Student Advisor


Lucy Zhang

Student Advisor


***To find out more about our officers' duties click here

*Click on photo to send direct email to officer*

Accounting Office

Simpson Tower, ST-F517


Mailing Address

Beta Alpha Psi

Accounting Department, ST-F517

5151 State University Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90032


Officers' Meeting



Salazar Hall C339

General Meeting



Salazar Hall C142

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