Spring 2013 - Fall 2013 Board

Spring 2013 - Fall 2013 Officers

Spring 2013 - Fall 2013 Officers

President - Kenneth Sau

Internal Vice President - Jeff Zhang

External Vice President - Matt Thienphrapa

Treasurer - Marlon Pasamba

Secretary - Nhu-Y Nhuyen (Spring)

Secretary (Summer - Fall) - Matthew Phuong

Student Outreach (Spring) - Ji Kyin

Student Outreach (Fall) - Sidney Vu

Marketing Director - Amber Shih

Professional Development - Chelsea Tippetts

Fundraising Coordinator - Matthew Phuong

Activities Coordinator - Fahad Khan

Awards Coordinators (Spring) - Dana Cummings, Henry Chow, Mia Huang

Awards Coordinators (Fall) - Dana Cummings, Ke Liu, Marlon Pasamba

Meet the Firms Coordinator - Shelley Minard

Meet the Firms Coordinator - Joyce Lin

Meet the Firms Coordinator - Anna Quach

Student Advisor - Lisa Pugliese

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Accounting Office

Simpson Tower, ST-F517


Mailing Address

Beta Alpha Psi

Accounting Department, ST-F517

5151 State University Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90032


General Meeting



Salazar Hall C142

Officers' Meeting



Salazar Hall C339