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Officer Duties


Executive Officers:



  • Strategically plan and address unaccomplished tasks and activities

  • Delegate duties to fellow officers and supervise their progress

  • Manage all activities that the organization participates in

  • Maintain ethical conduct of organization and promote a family atmosphere

  • Prepare agenda for officer meetings

  • Make announcements about upcoming events through powerpoint presentation at weekly meetings

  • Consult with faculty advisors about any difficulties or idea

  • Oversee every officer's ongoing tasks


Internal Vice President

  • Reach out and maintain good relations with accounting firms and government agencies, serve as organization's representative and liaison

  • Schedule professional speakers for general meetings

  • Confirm with speakers and set up parking arrangements

  • Set up firm tours and other affairs of the organization that deal with contacting the outside business community

  • Assist the president in any way see fit

  • Run meetings if the President will not be able to

  • Maintain a contact list (firms, alumni, other)


External Vice President

  • Reports Chapter information on national reporting intranet

  • Informs chapter on national constitution, local bylaws, and student organization requirements and ensures compliance

  • Point of contact for National, Regional, and Advisors

  • Record participation of members for the purpose of determining superior member status

  • Maintaining a current membership and pledge list at all times

  • Have an extensive knowledge of the chapter's by-laws

  • Serve as the primary liaison between BAP and its alumni

  • Assist the President in administering the affairs of the Society

  • Perform the duties of the President in the President's absence

  • Answers member point questions



  • Handle all the money transactions: Membership, Spring/Fall Awards tickets

  • Financial statements - Develops and implements internal financial controls

  • Make quarterly / yearly budgets

  • Handles cash disbursements and reimbursements

  • Maintains the chapter financial records and bank account

  • Attend ASI Finance Committee Meetings to raise fund from ASI



  • Assist the President and other officers in any possible way

  • Make suggestions and share ideas on Monday officers meetings

  • Distribute weekly survey


  • Record minutes for officers' and members' meetings

  • Edit and proofread minutes

  • Forward officers' meeting minutes to all officer's, chairs, and anyone who attended, via email

  • Members' meeting minutes are to be forwarded to the Archivist to be posted on the website

  • Keep electronic copies

Attendance Records

  • Have attendance sheet ready two days before members meeting

  • If unable to attend meeting, forward the attendance sheet to the President

  • Attendance sheet should include member's name, e-mail address, and space for member's signature

  • Distribute attendance sheet at beginning of members' meetings

  • Collect attendance sheet at end of meeting and update attendance records

  • Hand over hard copies of updated attendance record to External VP


Student Advisor 

  • Assist the President and other officers wherever and whenever necessary

  • Organize logistics of the Officer Initiation Dinner and the Officer Retreat 

  • Make decisions based on the best interest of the Officer Board 

  • Ensure that the prudent use of all assets, including facility, people and good will is utilized 

  • Oversee the chapter operations of the officer through an unbiased perspective 

  • Strive to provide oversight for all activities that advance the organization's effectiveness 


Directors and Coordinators:


Director of Student Outreach

  • Maintain and keep site up and running

  • Update web pages to current information: Events, Gallery, etc.

  • Upgrade design and functions

  • Attend officer meetings and help with planning and events

  • Upload pictures to BAP's gallery after every event

  • Compile weekly newsletter for BAP


Director of Professional Development 

  • Develop agenda for the Professional development workshop based on current Business Student needs

  • Work jointly with the Internal Vice President to research and find a facilitator

  • Gather and distribute material to assist members in developing their communication skills and other issues

  • Develop communication exercises for officers (e.g. Impromptu speeches, surveys, communication facts)

  • Update, save, and store professional development workshop material (student attendee contact list, professional attendee contact list, actual budget, etc.) in a retrievable place for current and future officers

  • Research to find out what are current issues for business students and members in terms of communication

  • Communicate with career center, and accounting chair on position, professional development workshops, and related matters

  • Be clear on purpose, need, time commitment, responsibilities for position from current Professional Events Chair and Cabinet view points


Director of Fundraising

  • Contact all kinds of possible sponsors such as the CPA Review courses, banks nearby such as Wells Fargo and Western Federal Credit Union to get funding support for the club

  • Brainstorm with other officers about possible ways or events that could be profitable, get members involved, and promote Beta Alpha Psi

  • Create and manage the schedule of fundraising events for the upcoming quarter

  • Attend ASI finance meeting with the treasurer and marketing director

  • Work with the treasurer to go through the paperwork to get funding or reimbursement for club events from ASI

  • Obtain and fill out all necessary paperwork from ASI: Temporary Food Facility Permit and Event Registration Form with signatures of the President and Treasurer

  • Manage the schedule of fundraisers and involve participation from members and officers


Marketing Director

  • Design, print, and post flyers for events and weekly meetings

  • Pick up flyers to be posted posted on campus

  • Knowledge of PowerPoint, Photoshop

  • Maintain Facebook Fanpage and Facebook group and ensure information is updated

  • Set up schedules for tabling/club rush

  • Set up schedules for in-class presentations

  • Maintain BAP bulletin board (next to SH-C 267)

  • Attend ASI Finance Committee Meetings to raise fund from ASI


Activities Coordinator

  • Schedule volunteer activities for Beta Alpha Psi members and candidates

  • Coordinating the involvement of Beta Alpha Psi members and candidates in these activities

  • Providing the External VP with timely and complete information about volunteer activities

  • Past activities include food sorting at LA Regional Food Bank, Martin Luther King day of service, LA Aids Walk, Santa Monica Beach cleaning, etc...


Awards Ceremony Coordinators & Committee Members

  • In charge of logistics of the event (e.g. find a venue and set a date in time)

  • Prepare a budget and obtain necessary funding

  • Responsible for inviting professionals and alumni

  • Work closely with marketing director to promote the event

  • Form a committee and delegate tasks to members

  • Relay information to Chair of Accounting Dept. (Dr. Marianne James)


Meet the Firms Coordinator & Committee Members

  • In charge of logistics of the event (e.g. find a venue and set a date in time)

  • Work with the Marketing Officer to make the event flyer

  • Send invitations to the firms and call their contacts to confirm their attendance

  • Get the list of firms and students which are willing to attend the event

  • Delegate the duties to the Committee members who will help at the event

  • Send thank-you note to the firms for their attendance

  • Make final Income Statement of the event

  • Consult with faculty advisors about any difficulties or idea


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