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Josue Enriquez

Award Ceremony Coordinator

Major: Accounting

Time in BAP: Joined Fall 2017

Graduation Date: Spring 2018

Fun Fact: Attended the Star Wars annual celebration where Carrie Fisher had her last convention appearance.

Say hello to Josue…


Josue was born and raised in Echo Park located in the Eastern part of Los Angeles, California. The reason why he decided to attend CSULA is because that was the only university that accepted him at that time. Josue didn't choose to attend Cal State LA, Cal State LA chose him. Josue chose to study accounting at CSULA mainly because he thought it was a career where he wouldn't have to interact much with other people, but he was wrong..Despite what he thought, Josue was put in many situations where he had to interact with strangers. This helped his communications skills grow exponentially. He now reaches out to other students who are shy and need help, where he offers help with resume review and many more.


During Josue's free time, he enjoys watching TV, wine tasting, soccer, attending Star Wars conventions and trying new things.


Some of his goals other than self-development and working on his success include traveling the world, getting a 6 pack (abs) and having a picture of his face in the Annex building from CSULA recognizing his contributions to the University.


Josue currently holds the position of Fall Spring Awards Coordinator for Beta Alpha Psi. Here he will be overseeing the Spring Awards Banquet, which is one the of biggest professional event during the semester.

Favorite Quote: "One of the greatest things in life is that no one has the authority to tell you what you want to be. You're the one who'll decide what you want to be - Jaime Escalante

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