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Janet Pe

General Member

Major: Accounting & Computer Information System

Time in BAP: Joined Fall 2017

Expected Graduation: Spring 2020

Fun Fact: She is one of the dedicated few who still plays Pokemon Go.

Say hello to Janet…

Janet currently lives in San Gabriel Valley, California. She decided to attend Cal State LA because it is close to her home and the tuition is more affordable compared to other universities. She chose to study accounting because she likes math and enjoys working independently.


During her free time, Janet enjoys reading, watching youtube, and just relaxing. Her hobbies also include cooking, traveling, eating, hiking, drawing, and taking photos.


A goal of hers is to make new friends in college and to stay connected even after graduating.

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General Meeting

4:30PM - 5:50PM



Meeting ID:

938 9407 3877

Accounting Office

Simpson Tower 

ST F517

Mailing Address

Beta Alpha Psi
Accounting Department, ST-F517 
5151 State University Drive 
Los Angeles, CA 90032