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Elizabeth Lazo


Major: Accounting

BAP Membership: Spring 2020

Expected Graduation: Fall 2021

Fun Fact: Started driving at age 13 in Mexico

​Say hello to Elizabeth!

​Elizabeth was born in Los Angeles, California, but grew up in Jalisco, Mexico. She eventually moved back to Los Angeles and decided to attend CSULA because it was close to home and she was able to pursue her interest in accounting much easier.

She chose to major in accounting because she enjoys finance and finds it interesting. She likes to manage budgets, and her skills in money management and finance help her perform well in this major.

Elizabeth decided to join Beta Alpha Psi because she wanted to part of a group that focused on accounting. She also wanted to get experience and tips from people in the same field.

During her free time, Elizabeth likes to go to new places and explore nature with her friends, family, and kids. Her hobbies include cooking and experimenting with new recipes as well as hiking with her family.

Some of her goals outside of her academic pursuits are to buy a new house and taking care of her children.

Her favorite quote is "No te preocupes, ocupate." (Don't worry, do something.)

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