Current Spotlight

Say hello to Elizabeth!

She is from Los Angeles, California but grew up in Jalisco, Mexico. She decided to go to Cal State Los Angeles because it was near her house and able to pursue her interest in Accounting much more easier.

Elizabeth decided to join Beta Alpha Psi because she wanted to be part of a group that focused on accounting. She wanted to get past experience and tips from people in the same field.

In her free time, she likes to go to new places and explore nature with her family, friends, and kids.

A goal of hers is to buy a new house.

Her favorite quote in Spanish is "No te preocupes, ocupate" meaning "Don't worry, do something".

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Officers' Meeting

4:15PM - 6:00PM


Simpson Tower

SH 168

General Meeting

4:30PM - 5:50PM


Salazar Hall

SH - 264

Accounting Office

Simpson Tower 

ST F517

Mailing Address

Beta Alpha Psi
Accounting Department, ST-F517 
5151 State University Drive 
Los Angeles, CA 90032