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Daniel Orellana


Major: Accounting

BAP Membership: Fall 2020

Expected Graduation: Spring 2021

Fun Fact: "I have no watched a single episode of Game of Thrones."

​Say hello to Daniel!

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Daniel chose CSULA for the accounting program. His brother had also graduated from there.

Daniel chose accounting as his major to gain financial literacy and to develop his business acumen.

He chose to join BAP because to further expand his network and connect with others who had the same career goals as he did.

During his free time, Daniel enjoys listening to audibles and taking his dogs to the park. His hobbies include outdoor sports like soccer, bike riding, and going for morning hikes.

His goals aside from school are to travel the world and try as many national dishes as possible.

His favorite quote is "The only one who can hold you back is yourself."

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