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Calvin Lai

External Vice President

Major: Information Technology

BAP Membership: Spring 2019

Expected Graduation: Spring 2021

Fun Fact: "I am on the CSULA login page"

​Say hello to Calvin!

As a resident of Montebello, California, Calvin found Cal State LA's campus conveniently located near his home. He decided to major in Computer Information Systems with an emphasis on Information Technology because of his curiosity in computers and technology as a child.

Calvin joined Beta Alpha Psi because he saw it as the perfect way to grow and develop his professionalism. Throughout his three semesters in the club, his public speaking skills have improved significantly. 

During his free time, Calvin enjoys taking afternoon walks and browsing the Internet. His hobbies also include working out and playing video games.

His main goals aside from his academic pursuits are to improve himself as well as striving for success.

His favorite quote is, "Ride the highs and endure the lows."

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