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Jane Klein


Major: Accounting

Time in BAP: Joined Fall 2015


Graduation Date: Spring 2018

Fun Fact: Loves to challenge her limits of spicy food tolerance

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Jane was always good with numbers. She first learned about the accounting profession in middle school where students’ parents came to talk about their respective professions. Then she took some accounting classes in high school and loved it to the point of wanting to pursue
Jane was born in Malaysia and moved to Ohio when she was 15, and then to California in 2012 to continue her bachelor degree and for more job opportunities. It did not take her long to fall in love with the lifestyle and weather in California. She chose CSULA because it was close to where she lived and because it had one of the best accounting programs in the area.
career in accounting.
In her free time, Jane loves to explore new and interesting places in Los Angeles and Orange County for food and entertainment. She is also talented in handicraft such as string art, cross stitch, latch hook, and candles. Besides developing a career, her main life goals are happiness, traveling the world and, raising a loving family.

Her favorite quote: ‎"A strong will, a settled purpose, an invincible determination can accomplish almost anything." - Thomas Fuller.

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