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Murielle Dulfo


Major: Accounting

BAP Membership: Fall 2020

Expected Graduation: Spring 2022

Fun Fact: "I collect mythology and folklore books."

​Say hello to Murielle!

Murielle was born in the Philippines and moved to the United States as a child. As a current resident of Pasadena, she chose CSULA because it met all her needs: accounting option, affordable, good standing, good student reviews, and accommodation for working students.

Murielle decided to major in Accounting because she has past experience in the field, but mostly because she likes the numbers behind the business operations.

She joined BAP because she wanted to polish up her networking skills. The club aligned with her career goals by offering seminars, training, and guest speakers on timeslots that didn't conflict with her schedule.

During her free time, she enjoys reading fantasy and horror novels like Tolkien, King, Pratchett, and Junji Ito. She also reads nonfiction books by Malcolm Gladwell and Oliver Sacks to learn new things.

Her hobbies are reading, traveling, and playing puzzle games.

Her main goals aside from her academic pursuits are to write her own books and travel the world.

Her favorite quote is, "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." by Oscar Wilde.

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