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Salvador Lianos


Major: Business Administration - Accounting

BAP Membership: Spring 2020

Expected Graduation: Spring 2022

Fun Fact: "I am an only child"

​Say hello to Salvador!

Salvador was born in Mexico, and moved to Los Angeles in 2011. He decided to attend Cal State LA because the business program had a good reputation and the tuition was affordable in comparison to other schools that had the same major.

Salvador chose Accounting because he wanted to learn a different aspect of the business field. He decided on Accounting because it was a vital role in many businesses, and it gave him job opportunities in both public and private sectors.

Salvador joined Beta Alpha Psi because he wanted to learn more about accounting career paths and also network with fellow students. Once he began attending meetings he realized that BAP offered valuable resources such as professional development, networking events, and leadership positions. 

During his free time, Salvador likes to relax, watch sports, and hang out with friends. His hobbies are weightlifting and playing video games.

His main goals aside from his academic pursuits are to travel around the world, give back to his community, and have the resources to support his family.

His favorite quote is, "Proud but never satisfied." This quote reminds him to be humble and to continue setting goals for himself.

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