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Jonathan Chan profile  - Meet Firms.jpg

Jonathan Chan

Meet the Firms Coordinator

Major: Business Administration-Accounting

BAP Membership: Spring 2020

Expected Graduation: Spring 2021

Fun Fact: "I know how to play the cello and have played it for 8 years."

​Say hello to Jonathan!

As a resident of El Sereno, California, Jonathan found Cal State LA's campus conveniently located near his home. He initially decided to major in Business Administration because the business program was reputable, but ultimately decided to go with Accounting because he liked the analytical aspect.

Jonathan joined Beta Alpha Psi because he wanted to meet other peers within his major and gain informational resources to plan his next step after graduating.

During his free time, Jonathan likes to binge watch shows and solve brain teasers/puzzles. His hobbies include playing video games, drawing, and reading. 

His main goals aside from his academic pursuits are to improve different aspects of himself and strive to become better.

His favorite quote is, "Every step towards your goal is an investment into your future."

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