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Charnell Kemanian


Major: ACCT 

BAP Membership: Fall 2019

Expected Graduation: Spring 2021

Fun Fact: She is a human mom and a corgi mom too!

Say hello to Charnell…

Charnell Kemanian is from Southern California. She decided to attend Cal State LA because she completed her undergraduate at a Cal State and wanted to return to the academic community she was familiar with for her graduate degree..

Charnell decided to join Beta Alpha Psi because she wanted to get more involved in school and thought that BAP would be a good opportunity.

On her free time, she practices her soft skills while trying to develop herself professionally. She believes that the more she commits towards herself the better the final result will be! 

A goal of hers is to travel more and find new meaningful ways to positively impact the individuals around her! 

Her favorite quote is “It is good to have an End to journey toward; but it is the Journey that matters most in the end” ~Ernest Hemingway

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