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Say hello to Cashe…


Cashe is from Los Angeles, California. She decided to attend Cal State LA because heard about the business program and the opportunities it offers that can help her advance through her career. She chose to study accounting because she enjoys solving the puzzles of accounting where she is required to balance numbers.


During her free time, Cashe enjoys spending time with the people she loves. Her hobbies include reading books and cooking.


A goal of hers is to make people look and feel good through her skills with makeup.

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Officers' Meeting

4:15PM - 6:00PM


Simpson Tower

SH 168

General Meeting

4:30PM - 5:50PM


Salazar Hall

SH - 264

Accounting Office

Simpson Tower 

ST F517

Mailing Address

Beta Alpha Psi
Accounting Department, ST-F517 
5151 State University Drive 
Los Angeles, CA 90032