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2016 Western Regional Conference

Stephanus Tedja, Kiki Cai, Lucy Zhang, Justin Chow


In 2016 during the weekend of February 13, Beta Lambda officer and member volunteers attended the Beta Alpha Psi Western Regional Meeting, hosted by the Northern Arizona and San Francisco State chapters in San Jose, California. Over the two day conference, attendees had the opportunity to network with BAP alumni and current members from universities across California, Arizona, Hawaii, and Nevada. Conference activities included seminars on subjects varying from careers in IT audit and fraud investigation, to Q and A panels with accomplished alumni. During the annual Best Practices competition, the CSULA team finished second in their topic, placing above many prestigious business schools like USC and San Diego State. Team members Kiki Cai, Stephanus Tedja, Lucy Zhang, and Justin Chow impressed the judges with the creativity and ingenuity of their project and quality of their presentation. 

2015 Western Regional Conference

Paul Ellis, Alyssa Benipayo, Carolina Cheng, Christina Chuoy


At the Beta Alpha Psi 2015 Western Regional Conference, the Beta Lambda chapter competed in the Financial Literacy category of the Best Practices competition, placing 2nd. For the competition, our team had to create an eight minute presentation, with accompanying PowerPoint, describing how we improved financial literacy on our campus. Our presentation covered the planning, implementation, and results of the Financial Literacy Workshop we hosted in the Student Union on February 13th that consisted of seminars in Budgeting and Debt Management, Basics of Investing, and Student Loans.


We continued to build on the CSULA chapter's reputation of creativity among the BAP community with a "Doctor Who" themed presentation that received universal and enthusiastic praise from the other chapters. There our team was judged by a panel of three professionals from organizations such as CalCPA and the Big Four.


The final results were:

1st: San Diego State University

2nd: Cal State Los Angeles

3rd: University of Southern California


2014 Western Regional Conference

Joyce Lin, Carlos David, Ke Liu, Matthew Phuong, Kenneth Sau, Marlon Joseph Pasamba, Jorge Morales, Advisor Dr. James Gregory Kunkel


The Beta Lambda Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi at California State University, Los Angeles took second place (out of eight teams) at the Western Regional Conference in Anaheim, CA on Saturday, February 15, 2014. The team consisted of chapter officers and members: Marlon Joseph Pasamba, Matthew Phuong, Ke Liu, Joyce Lin, Carlos David, Jorge Morales, Jeff Zhang, and Kenneth Sau. The team worked under the guidance of their advisors Dr. Kathryn Hansen and Dr. James Gregory Kunkel. 


The conference was filled with operational sessions and activities; this allowed everyone to network with peers from other chapters. Some of the great sessions/activities we participated in were Creative Social Events, Speed Mentoring, Alumni Panel, and The Search of the Lost Dutchman's Goldmine. 


Under the Deloitte sponsored "Best Practices" competition, the team competed in the Leadership category. Every organization and company must have an effective leader to set the goals straight and guide it towards success. How does the Beta Lambda chapter maintain their leadership on campus, chapter, and community? They devised and participated in numerous activities that helped them achieve their goals. Through their efforts, they exemplified leadership by increasing their visibility with employers, empowering their members to be more active in the community and other organizations, made an impact on their profession, and to do the right thing.

2013 Annual Meeting - Anaheim, CA

Jeff Zhang, Matthew Phuong, Marlon Pasamba, Kenneth Sau, Lisa Pugliese, Alyssa Benipayo, Shelley Minard, Ke Liu, Joyce Lin, Advisor Kathy Hansen


The Beta Lambda chapter attended the Annual Meeting this year in Anaheim, CA from August 8-10th, where they competed in Deloitte's Best Practices, Imagination. They were glad to have revamped their presentation from regionals and put on an outstanding performance for the judges and audience. Aside from placing top 8 in the category internationally, the Beta Lambda chapter was also awarded "Superior Chapter" and "Significantly Improved Chapter." Less than half BAY chapters are able to obtain "superior."  


Other activities the team did while at the Annual Meeting was participate in KPMG's International Day Of Literacy, where they donated over 100 school supplies from their chapter and volunteered at local schools, engaged in workshops presented by lead recruiters and professionals from different accounting firms/organizations, and went to Disneyland to close off the event. 

2013 Western Regional Conference

Marlon Pasamba, Jeff Zhang, Shelley Minard, Kenneth Sau, Advisor Greg Kunkel, Joyce Lin, Matt Thienphrapa


The Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Lambda chapter from the College of Business & Economics at California State University, Los Angeles, won first place in the Best Practices competition for the fourth time in a row at the Western Regional Beta Alpha Psi Conference held in San Jose, CA on February 15 and 16, 2013. The team consisted of student officers and members: Cathy Truong, Lisa Pugliese, Kenneth Sau, Shelley Minard, Marlon Pasamba, Joyce Lin, Jeffrey Zhang, Matt Thienphrapa, and Anna Quach; and worked under the guidance of their faculty advisors, Dr. Gregory Kunkel and Dr. Kathryn Hansen.


Today’s business professional needs to have a well-rounded balance of technical and soft skills. One critical success component for the business leader of tomorrow is that they possess excellent written communication skills. The chapter developed and executed an imaginative program that improves business email writing. Email is a normal means of communication when coordinating events and going through the process of a job search. CSULA’s first place entitles them to compete at Beta Alpha Psi's National Annual Conference held in Anaheim, CA on August 8-10, 2013.

2012 Western Regional Conference

Andrew Lai, Cathy Truong, Angelica Tolentino, Joe Hernandez, Dr. Kunkel (Advisor), Jeff Zhang, and Stephanie Vargas.


On February 17 and 18, 2012, the Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) Western Regional Meeting was held at Harrah's Las Vegas Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event was jointly hosted by Zeta Iota Chapter of University of Nevada, Reno and Theta Omicron Chapter of University of Nevada, Las Vegas. This conference is a great networking opportunity for both students and professionals through hosted luncheons and dinners, workshops and especially the Best Practices Competition sponsored by Deloitte. Four students formed the team to represent Beta Lambda Chapter of California State University, Los Angeles in the Best Practices Competition: Joe Hernandez, Angelica Tolentino, Stephanie Vargas, Jeff Zhang. Three other BAP members-Brian Ryan, Cathy Truong, and Andrew Lai-as well as one of the faculty advisors, Dr. Gregory Kunkel, came to support the presenters and to represent CSULA.


The first day opened with a business tour of the casinos followed by a keynote speech given by Rick Arpin, Corporate Controller & SVP of MGM International. Dinner was served while Stephanie Polon (BDO) and Brendan Molloy (KPMG) presented a Dining and Networking Etiquette Workshop. After dinner, attendees were allowed to spend the rest of the night on their own.


The second day started with a continental breakfast an hour before the Best Practices Competition. Five schools competed for the first category (Developing Strategies for Dealing with Change), four for the second category (Best Practices in Social Networking), and ten for the third category (Out of the Box Best Practice). CSULA competed under the third category and was fourth to present.


Out of the Box Best Practice: Professionals often are asked to think outside the box. Yet most of us are given few opportunities to think or act outside of the box. What is a unique activity that adds value to your chapter but does not fit neatly into the standard best practices themes? How has this activity benefited your chapter? How could other chapters adapt it? List of Schools that competed under the Out of the Box Best Practice category: University of Arizona California State University, Chico California State University, Fullerton California State University, Los Angeles California State University, Northridge California State University, Sacramento Northern Arizona University San Diego State UniversityUniversity of Hawaii, Manoa University of California, San Diego.


The Best Practice presented by Beta Lambda is a Beta Alpha Psi Etiquette Day. This event is a three-part workshop for proper business attire, dining etiquette, and networking etiquette. In the business world, technical skills are not enough to succeed; soft skills are also important. Beta Lambda Chapter acknowledges this fact and comes up with the Etiquette Day to help students improve on their soft skills to become more competitive candidates when they begin their careers.


After the competition, lunch was held at the Range Steakhouse inside Harrah's. The keynote speaker, Kim Wallin, State Controller of Nevada, shared how she advanced her career from working in the public and private industries to becoming a politician by getting her CMA, CFM and CPA certifications. Several informational workshops followed. At 3:15 p.m., the awarding of winners for the Best Practices Competition was held. Beta Lambda Chapter from CSULA was awarded First Place for the Out of the Box Best Practice category.


The Western Regional Meeting is a huge networking opportunity off campus. Attendance in such an event is not only a sign of active participation in Beta Alpha Psi but also an appreciation for ideas being shared among Beta Alpha Psi members throughout the region. However, as Dr. Kunkel advised the Beta Lambda Team, the important thing is to have fun being a part of it. The 2012 Beta Lambda Team owes the honor of receiving the 1st Place award to the support and encouragement of Dr. Kathryn Hansen and Dr. Gregory Kunkel (BAP advisors), BAP colleagues, and their families and friends.

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